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Unique Unfinished Flooring

We supply custom widths and lengths in domestic species faster than just about anybody, depending on availability of the lumber. 6" and wider flooring can look pretty "blocky" in 1 1/2' to 2' lengths. Our most commonly asked for custom length is 3' and longer, which can reach up to 12' with end-matching (ready to lay). Longer lengths may be supplied without end-matching, which may require squaring each board before it is laid. Hand-scraping, contour sanding, saw marks, etc. are also available in varying degrees.

Unique Prefinished Flooring

Check out what unique flooring we offer from our high-quality prefinished flooring manufacturer, Model!

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From our innovative partner north of the border, this is some of the finest quality prefinished flooring offered anywhere,. Located in Quebec, Model is a family owned flooring manufacturer committed to quality and integrity. Unlike many prefinished manufacturers, Model applies their own finishes “in house” to maintain maximum control of quality and innovation. From traditional domestic specie offerings to unique presentations, we think Model is the best in every category.

Help your clients set themselves apart from the crowd with a distinctive look from Model!

*Visit for more pictures and information about Model flooring.

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